Trans Okavango 

Most safaris to Botswana are characterised by jumping from lodge to lodge by scheduled or private aircraft, and there is of course nothing wrong with this. For those wanting to understand what makes Okavango so special however, we need to expand the narrative beyond simply visiting lodges. The Trans Okavango takes in a journey from The Panhandle in the north of Botswana as the floodwaters make their way south into The Kalahari, essentially creating the greatest watering hole in all of Africa. The journey is a multi night safari, using private sites and moving in response to the wildlife movements at the time. The camp itself is designed to maximise the wilderness experience, whilst still offering comfort and certain luxuries. The food is of the highest standard, equal to that found in the luxury lodges yet cooked over an open fire, the shower is a simple bush shower, but with the highest standard of amenities. It is this focus on luxury where it does not compromise the experience that makes it, for me the combination is perfect and one of the finest safari experiences available in Africa today. We can couple this with the use of a Robinson R44 helicopter for the day in order to really take the exploratory experience to another level.

Camel Trekking

Multi night treks overland through remote corners of Kenya. The entire camp is supported by a camel train and a team of Samburu and Maasai warriors, as well as of course a professional guide team. These sorts of expeditions Are fantastic for those looking to explore the wilderness areas of Africa, but by spending less time in a game drive vehicle. They also work brilliantly for families looking for a Wi-Fi free escape, wildlife is present including species such as elephant, lion and leopard but safety and security is handled by your guiding team. In many ways a trip like this echoes the migratory transit routes of the local indigenous communities and connects clients to the region and its inhabitants on a far deeper level.

Experience Africa

Just a Peek into the Possibilities....

Helicopter Safaris

This is the ultimate safari, for those who are in a position to take one. Using the helicopters in destinations such as Kenya, Congo, Chad, Uganda or Angola unlocks huge areas of territory otherwise only accessible by the most intrepid of overland expeditions. Best used either with a luxury private house as a base from which to explore, or in conjunction with a mobile camp to truly explore the frontiers of Africa. The pilots I work with have been the pilots of choice for documentaries such as BBC's Planet Earth and have flown Heads of State through Ethiopia, so you can be sure of their quality and professionalism.

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