About Nora

Nora has been in the private jet, travel & culinary industry since 2007. She lived in Florence, Italy and after moving back to the US in 2006 has made it a priority to take a big trip 1-2 times per year (more if possible of course!). 

"My intense passion for food, wine, learning and relationships have been the driving force behind everything I do! Becoming a certified chef, along with working in the restaurant industry for almost a decade, combined with my travel and private jet experience that spans 13+ years has given me the most discerning eye when it comes to my clients needs."

"I  have worked with some of the most influential people in the world which has led to my development not only as a person but also my business acumen - my approach has always been to be authentic and to keep it fun!"

Nora built the Live Rich Project to focus on quality above all - quality of travel, of your time spent and the journey along the way. The goal is to encounter the rich culture of your destination through food, drink and interaction with the locals and most importantly have access to experiences that few can obtain. 

“I have worked or consulted with recognized luxury brands, including jet companies, resorts, and restaurants. I have flown my clients and arranged experiences for them globally. Whether it be a private yacht in Greece, a cooking class with a Michelin Star rated Chef in Italy or a humanitarian adventure in Costa Rica, I have made it a special experience that they will remember for a lifetime.”

My goal is to deliver a life changing experience...

Nora Snelling
Globe - Trotter, Foodie, Founder


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